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World-Wide Cruises

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WOW, the choices!
Choose where to cruise?
How many nights?
With or without visiting any ports of call.
Your cabin location and level on the Yacht.
With or without private balconies
and the list continues...
This is Megaship cruising and it is a week, month, or just a few days
of extreme fun and excitement and food and more...

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Ok, so now that's all done, you arrive for your cruise.
Dining on almost all cruise ships is included in the cruise price and most cruise guest will let you know they ate too much. (Confirm which restaurants are included in your package) The menus vary depending on the time of the day and provide meals from breakfast to late-night snacks. Some ships even have a diverse range of ethnically theme restaurants possibly including some chain restaurants. Ships also offer numerous bars and nightclubs yet the majority of cruise lines do not include alcoholic beverages in their fares. Ok so now you have seen the restaurants, it's time to move on to the activities!

Cruise Activities

Offered activities Depend on the ship.
Casino and Shops, usually only operate when the ship is at sea.
Clubs and Lounges, Karaoke, Spa, Fitness center, Hot tub, Indoor and/or outdoor swimming pool(s) with water slides and more.
The Library, yes the Library, a Cinema(s), and possibly a Theatre with Broadway type shows, and Observation lounge, Pool and ping-pong tables, teen lounges, video arcades, Child care options and some ships even offer bowling alleys, roller coasters, zip lines, basketball and tennis courts, miniature golfing, rock climbing walls, sky-diving simulators, and even take up surfing on a surfing simulator.
This all varies by ship... Some cruise lines even have their own island for a scheduled port of call.
What Activities are you looking forward to?



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